Monday, April 7, 2014

Plank, Interrupted

Some of you may have noticed in one of my Spirit of Gratitude posts about a month ago I mentioned doing a 30 Day Plank Challenge with the Man of the House.  Some days we even got the entire family in on the daily plank time!
All was going along well.

Ok.. in all honesty - there was some shaking.  And groaning.  And complaining.

But it was going.

Unfortunately it seems the length of time to hold the plank position increased a little too quickly for my body to keep up.  In an effort to hold the plank longer than I was physically able to do - I must have done it wrong.  Because I suddenly found myself spending an entire week with some pretty intense lower back pain.

Not good. At. All.

I see to have recovered.  And I'm ready to get back on that plank.  I  am thinking a modified plank challenge this time around.  Just holding the position for a set amount of time, only increasing when I feel good about it - not trying to push too far, too fast like the last time around.

Have you ever tried a 30 day plank challenge?  Or have you ever tried to exert yourself too soon or too far while exercising and ended up hurting yourself? 

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  1. Hey sorry about your back, but glad you are feeling better. For me I am all planked out! :-)
    Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at 'Tell Me a Story."


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