Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In The White Minority

Perhaps you have heard about the great white Coke can debacle?  Coca-Cola made the mistake of putting out white cans featuring polar bears to raise money as it partnered with the World Wildlife Fund for "Arctic Home"   And Coke consumers across the nation found their proverbial bright red panties in quite a knot! 

White cans?   But white is so close to silver!!  The color of DIET Coke cans!!  How will they ever tell the difference?  I would naturally assume that the lack of the word "diet" could be a a good clue, if not a flat-out give away.  But hey...  why should people have to actually read when selecting a cold beverage?

Some even insisted that the Coke product in the white cans tasted different.  Really?  I mean... really?  C'mon.  I've personally consumed the liquid from several of the white cans - and it tastes like regular ol' Coke to me.

So, I liked the different white cans.  I liked the little polar bears pictured across the bottom of the can.  I liked pretending like I was doing something to save the polar bears when I picked up a white can.  But, I guess I am in the minority.


  1. I am laughing at the fact that people get so ingrained to expect something, that when it changes, they go bonkers. Pavlovian response or Hawthorne effect? A bit of both I suspect. :D

  2. @Cath - I think you're probably right: a bit of both!


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