Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm a yeller.  I yell.  I yell A lot.  I probably yell much too much.  I doubt my family would argue with that.

Most recently the dog was the object of my raised voice.  His boy had gone across the street and he was not happy to have been left behind.  He made this clear by his insistant whining.  Which led me yelling at him to "Stop that NOW!"

**in response to a prompt from The One Minute Writer **


  1. Did it work? I have found yelling doesn't work with the kids, or gkids, and the dogs just stare at me when I yell. :D

  2. No. He stops barking long enought ot look at me as if to say "What is YOUR problem?", then goes right back to it. I find a spray bottle of water much more effective. I haven't tried that on the kids. ;)


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