Monday, November 12, 2012

Is This Free-Range Irony?

’Meatless Mondays’: LA urges residents to turn vegetarian one day a week

I came across the above article on my homepage over the weekend.  I clicked on it because I was curious exactly how LA city officials planned to get residents to turn vegetarian one day a week.

The idea is a declaration of all future Mondays in Los Angeles to be "Meatless Mondays" - encouraging city residents to go without meat on that day of the week in an effort to reduce meat consumption for environmental and health reasons.The article went on to discuss the obvious link between what we eat and our health - citing health problems related to eating meat such as obesity, heart disease and certain cancers - as well as connections between large livestock facilities and environmental problems. 

It was an interesting article, but all the quotes and connections between meat and our health or the health of the planet is not what really captured my attention.  No.  What really captivated me as I scrolled through the article was the featured ad.  For there, in the middle of the page, was an advertisement informing the reader than he or she can now purchase not one, but two McDonald's sausage and egg biscuits for $3. 

Oh, can you taste the fatty, delicious grain-fed irony?  I can!


  1. Hilarious! I giggled when I read this. It cracks me up when the government tries to control our every move and then they end up looking foolish. Hee, Hee! :)

    1. I laughed when I first saw it and called everyone in the house to look at it. I still giggle when I think about it!

  2. well - technically, the "sausage" and "egg" at McDonalds may not, in fact, really be meat...LOL

    1. Hmmm... you may be on to something there!


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