Friday, November 2, 2012

October Goals: Update!

  • Schedule a date night with Man of the House  We went out to dinner twice, once with the whole family and once during the week which we said those didn't count as date night We never got around to scheduling another night.
  • Write everyday  
  • Do more reading  
  • Do something "active" every day (see "30 Days of Activity")  Ha!!  This wa snot a good month to try to take up this challenge!  Between being sick and the infected tooth incident - it never happened.
  • Work on Christmas presents  
  • Work on holiday inventory for Queen B's Busy Work  Got a few things done.  A few more in the works.
  • Complete "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work  Nope.  Just... nope.
  • Man of House's birthday!  
  • Clean carpets  
  • Family coming to visit!
  • Schedule some "me" time each week (bubble bath, give myself a mani and/or pedi, etc) Not every week, but I am getting much better about this!

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