Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Spirit of Gratitude: Happy New Year - 2013!

  • Time spent with my sisters
  • Laughing over shared memories
  • Private jokes
  • Words With Friends
  • A husband willing to tolerate an extended visit from most of my crazy family
  • Relaxing while someone else cooks for the whole gang
  • New Years kiss at midnight
  • The fresh start of a new year


  1. Great list Beckey I am not doing one but I am trying to get out there and tell you pretties how much you all meant to me this 2012 and I am thankful for bonds of unbreakable friendships and cherished prayers to one another!! You dear lady are wonderful for me and to me Happy New Year! ~Janice~

  2. Excellent way to start the New Year, Beckey! May your 2013 be filled with such moments! :O)

  3. Happy, Happy New Year, Ms. Beckey!! HOPE 2013 is really, really good to you!!! ;-)


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