Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  ~ Exodus 14:14

All the busyness, the chaos, the activity.

Be Still!

 Trying to do things my way - according to my agenda - rather than according to His plan.

Be Still!

The Lord will fight for you - when you stop fighting against Him.

Be still!

In Him, the battle is already won.

Be still!

Stop.  Seek His Will.  Rest in Him.

He will fight for you.

You need only to be still.


  1. Oh, I do love this. Be still. Yes. The cadence of your words is like a song...

    The phrase that struck me most is
    " The Lord will fight for you - when you stop fighting against Him. "

    I imagine we can't know that we're fighting against Him until we stop, take a breath and be still. Thank you!

  2. I loooove that in Him the battle is already won. We are more than conquerors. Victory has been declared. No more fretting. Be still and know that God's got this! Great post, Beckey!

  3. .....when you stop fighting against Him! Good Stuff!

  4. It's amazing what we can see when we are just still, isn't it? Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  5. Ah Be still...something that is so simple and yet, at times the hardest thing in the world to do!


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