Friday, August 16, 2013

An Open Letter to The Two Women at the Dollar Store

Dear "Ladies" (I use the term loosely because I have serious doubts);

I don't know what started your altercation in the dollar store today.  I don't really want to know.  I don't really care.  I'm just appalled that grown women would stoop to acting like middle school girls, or worse, in public.  Tossing insults such as "you fat (insert improper and derogatory use of word meaning "female dog" here)!", and telling each other to stick things in areas of the human body we don't usually talk about in public.

I question whether you have any clue how much you embarrassed a) Yourselves or b) The rest of us forced to pay witness to the entire thing.  And c) everyone who must share the gender you represent in such a manner!

Perhaps you know each other and this was part of an ongoing feud.  If so, it really would be best for everyone if you just ignore each other when in public so the rest of us don't have to be subjected to your verbal abuse.

Maybe you have never met and this was a confrontation between two strong-willed, angry strangers.  In which case may we recommend some anger management counseling?

You didn't come across as "bad", or "cool" or anything else positive.  Rather than building yourself up and presenting yourself in a positive way, you lowered yourself.  You seemed petty, rude, and obnoxious.  In fact, you reminded me of Proverbs 9:13:  "The woman Folly is loud; she is undisciplined and without knowledge."

I pray that you will think twice the next time you find yourselves furious and out of patience, at the store or anywhere else. I also pray that you will find some peace and joy in your life, a sense of calm which would over ride your impulse to yell at another person that way.

And if not - I pray I never have to share a retail space with either one of you ever in the future!


  1. Unfortunately I've seen it before in my store, sad the way people behave!

    1. It really is!! I was completely shocked that two grown women would behave like that.


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