Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That Time I Saw Ben Affleck (sorta...)

I don't know why I was thinking about this story the other day. 

No, I take it back - I do know how I ended up thinking about this story.  It started when I was thinking about sin - which started me to thinking about the "Seven deadly sins" - which led to thinking about that movie "Seven", with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt - which caused me to think about how Brad Pitt used to date Gwyneth Paltrow  - and then how Gwyneth Paltrow also dated Ben Affleck - and there we are - right at the story about that time I saw Ben Affleck.  Sorta...

photo credit: justjared.com
One day, several years ago, I was driving down the main street in our quiet little town.  I stopped at the red light at one intersection and watched this guy cross the street in front of my car.  As he passed and stepped onto the sidewalk I thought to myself  "Wow, that guy looks just like Ben Affleck!"

The next day on the news there's a little story about how Ben Affleck had been spotted around town.  He even left his credit card (or ID, or something which proved it was really him) at a bar downtown. 

And that's when it it me.  That dude who looked just like Ben Affleck might have actually BEEN Ben Affleck!  For reals!!

It's probably a good thing that I didn't realize it might actually be him at the time.  It would have been terribly tempting to bump him a bit with the car, toss him in the back, and bring him home so I could nurse him back to health in some Misery-esque type scenario. Which I'm pretty sure the Man of the House would not have approved of. (Mr Affleck and the authorities probably wouldn't have cared for that plan either, come to think of it)

And there you have it.  (after a bit of rabbit chasing) The story of that time I saw Ben Affleck. Sorta...


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