Friday, August 23, 2013


A couple of weekends ago I got to spend time with my sisters for a few hours one afternoon.

I was happy to get to see one of my nieces.  It was great to meet my first nephew.  And to see one of my brothers in law.  And for us to be with our dad for his birthday.

But most of all, it was nice to have the three sister all together. Since the three of us are now scattered across the southern United States - it doesn't happen very often that we are all together in one place at the same time.
And I miss that.

I miss the way we can all talk at the same time, and still manage to keep track of and understand what each of the others is saying.

I miss how we all share the same memories. And can tell the stories over and over and over without ever seeming to tire of them.

I miss how we laugh at the same things.

I miss our competitiveness.

How we are all completely different - but somehow the same

I even miss the way we can drive each other crazy, but still manage to love each other.

Spending time with my sisters somehow left me craving even more.  More of them.  More time together.  More memories made.  More laughing with them.

The time we had together made miss them that much stronger now that we are all back in our own states, with our own families, and our own lives.

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  1. Now don't go making me cry! I usually chuckle a bit while I read your blog. Although, if it makes you feel better, I smiled while the tears formed. Love you too sis and miss you bunches!!


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