Monday, January 23, 2012

Evil Genius

My cat is a pure, certifiable evil genius.  At first I just thought he was a spoiled brat.  But he has gone way beyond that status now. 

When he feels I have not scooped out the litter box quickly enough for his very particular liking, or if I find a different litter on sale with coupon that he doesn't care for - he will take to showing his displeasure by evacuating his bowels in the most inconvenient spot he can locate.

Until today I thought his pièce de résistance was substituting the bathtub for a litter box.  After all, it certainly captures one's attention when your morning self hygiene routine is disrupted because you have to scrub out the shower before using it.  But my cat felt he could do even better at showing his anger to me.

Today I found a little prize in the hallway.  Right in front of the door to the closet where all cleaning supplies are kept.  And I quickly realized that thanks to the consistency of this little feline gem, even after getting up what I could with toilet paper and paper towels - there was still going to be just enough left on the carpet to smear and get ground into both the carpeting and the bottom of the door when I try to open the closet.  Yes indeed.  In cleaning this up, I was going to have to make an even bigger mess!!

That darn cat!!  Evil.  Genius.

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