Friday, January 13, 2012


Earlier this week I received an envelope in the mail which left me baffled.  It was addressed to me, but there was a window just below the tiny return address which showed my name and said "RESULTS".  Just like that.  In big capital letters.

Now, knowing I have had no sort of tests run recently, I found myself wondering what sort of trickery this was. 

A credit card offer

A new tactic to bamboozle me into opening the envelope to check out the contents, rather than just tossing it straight away.  And I fell right into their evil plot by doing just that!  They won that round.  But in the end they still lost, as the envelope and the offer it contained went into the trashcan.


  1. When I get junk mail I always think they still lose because now I must expend effort (& money) to have it disposed of.

  2. I am so embarrassed to admit that I once was a bamboozler -- I actually wrote some of that crap for several non-profits, all good causes but still, gives me the willies when I think of my shady past LOL!

  3. @Nannette - ugh... I never thought of the time, effort and money I have to put into handling it.

    @Anne Marie - shady past! LOL At least in your case it was for good causes!


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