Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Friend!

I'm not going to say her name.  She knows who she is.

I'm not going to tell her age.  She knows that too.

We met years ago - by chance or fate - in an online chat.  No, I am also not going to tell you how many years ago.  Not relevant.  Let's just say, we were both a little younger than we are now.  But that one particular day I decided to check out that one particular chat was the start of a wonderful friendship.

Separated by miles and miles, we have only met face to face a few times.  Over the years we have drifted apart for periods of time.  But she was always tucked into the back of my heart.  And thanks to the miracle that is modern technology, we managed to find each other again.

She is funny.  She makes me laugh.  She makes me think.  She's wild.  She's a little bit crazy.  I like that about her.

But the best part of her is that she's REAL.  When you meet her - what you see is what you get.  She doesn't pretend to be anything she isn't.  She is who she is.  Period.  She is true and genuine.  She isn't going to tell you what she thinks you want to hear.  She tells it like she sees it.  And I love that about her.



  1. This is just the sweetest thing ever. I still remember that morning, meeting you. I remember many many mornings after, chatting away. Thank you so much for this. I'm totally verklempt! xoxo

  2. Awwwwwww! Love this! So very sweet! You are gems, both of you :-)

  3. Online friends can be total treasures, and it sounds like you've hit the jackpot! Happy Birthday to your friend!

  4. @Kathy - Love ya gal!!

    @judy - awww..thanx! : D

    @Anne Marie - I most certainly did hit the jack pot!! She's awesome.

  5. Well how did I miss this? Great post Beckey! Some of my most precious friends I met online. Hope your bday was a blast Kath!


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