Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Do - Or To Be?

I'm a champion list maker.  I make all sorts of lists.  Lists of things I need to buy, books I want to read, chores I want the kids to do, things I need to get accomplished, places I need/want to go.  You name it, I have probably made some sort of list for it. 

Lists keep me organized.  They give me focus.  They help keep me on track.  Without my lists there is a distinct possibility I would wander aimlessly from thing to thing without getting much accomplished.  I certainly would make a trip to the store and come home with many items - except the ones I actually went to get in the first place.  (Trust me.  That has actually happened on more than one occasion)

Many of us are that way.  Especially when it comes to the "To Do" list.  How often do we jot down all the things we think we need to get done.  Whether it's things to do for the day, the week, the month, the year.  Some people even have the BIG To Do list (often referred to as The Bucket List). We like looking back over the list of checked off or marked through items and feeling that sense of accomplishment which comes with meeting our goals.

But what about a To BE list?  A list detailing the type of person you want to be.  Showing clear steps you intend to take to become that version of yourself.  Focusing on who you want to be rather than the things you do.  After all - we are all human BEings.  Not human DOings!

So after a little thought, I am starting my To Be list.  I know it will change, grow, and develop over time; as I do.  But here is the first rough version:

*TO BE a wife who shows her husband that she loves, admires, respects, and trusts him every day
*TO BE a mother who speaks words of support, love, and encouragement to her children every day
*TO BE grateful
*TO BE in God's word and in prayer every day
*TO BE a person who takes more time to think before speaking or acting - or reacting
*TO BE more nurturing of my creativity and skills

What about you - what would be on your TO-BE List?


  1. I love the idea of a "To Be" list. I am working on that for my yearly goals I wrote on my blog at the beginning of this month - though I didn't have a name for it as great as this one.

    To Be less obsessed with what others think.
    To Be more loving to those I really care about.
    To Be more successful at figuring out what I want to do/be.
    To Be better than I was yesterday.

    1. Those are great!! I especially like being less obsessed with what others think and being better than yesterday! Thank you for sharing!


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