Monday, January 30, 2012

What Did Tim Ever Do To You?

What is it about Tim Tebow?  People seem to either love him or hate him.  Me? I can't call myself a Tebow fan. I'm certainly not a University of Florida fan. Or a Denver Broncos fan. I don't think he's all that impressive as a quarterback. But he seems like a nice enough guy.  So, it's that whole hating part I can't quite wrap my head around.  I mean seriously people - what did Tim ever do to you personally?

Oh sure - some dislike him because of where he played college ball.  There are some serious Gator Haters out there.  Or maybe some hate him because he and the Broncos defeated their favorite football team.  Maybe a certain last minute pass pushed their team out of the playoffs.  (I get that.  For a long time I carried around a bit of a grudge against Brett Favre for a few years because of a playoff loss the Carolina Panthers faced to him and the Green Bay Packers But I can't say I ever hated Favre over it).  Maybe some think he is a mediocre player at best and doesn't deserve a spot in the NFL.  But I don't think football is really at the root of most of the negative feelings aimed at Tebow.

I think he makes people uncomfortable because he's a Christian.  Not only that - but he is proud of it.  And he refuses to be quiet about it.  He actually speaks about Jesus as if he knows the guy!  And refers to him quite frequently in his day to day football life.  He thanks God for each accomplishment on and off the field.  Publicly!

If Tim stopped to wave at the cameras and say "Hi Mom!" after every touchdown.  If he took time at each press conference to thank his parents for his natural talent (OK - "natural talent" might be a bit much, but you get my point) and mention how his mother encouraged him and taught him to work hard and believe in him self; it might get a little old.  There might be some rolled eyes, and a few whispers behind hands of "Man - Tebow really loves his mother"  But would people be angry about it?  Would it cause such discomfort and anger?  I doubt it.  It's alright to talk about your parents, your team mates, your little league/high school/college/NFL coach - but not your God. 

I don't see him being preachy or judgemental about it. I've never actually heard him condemn anyone for not believing in Jesus, or start preaching at the football fans, players, or reporters that they are going to hell for not accepting Jesus as Savior. (I could be wrong, it's not exactly like I'm following all the Tebow chatter or hanging onto every press conference or interview he does) All I have ever witnessed was him being grateful to the God he believes in for the talent and opportunities he has been given. And how exactly is that hurting anyone? Why does this provoke such anger?

This is just who Tim Tebow is.  He's a football player.  He's a former UofF Gator.  He's a Denver Bronco.  He's a Christian. He believes in God.  He believes in himself.  He believes in hard work.    And he still seems like an alright sort of fellow to me.


  1. While Tim Tebow was at University of Florida, I was living in Tallahassee, FL where my husband was getting a PhD at Florida State. FSU and UF are rivals, of course, so there were people there who really, really hated Tebow. I never understood it. They would make fun of him for the craziest things, like how he did missionary work/service over seas. "What a jerk for bringing poor villagers clean water!" Huh? It always struck me that these same people would probably have shrines to Tebow in their homes if he'd chosen to play for FSU instead of UF. It's never made sense to me either.

    1. It's a little crazy isn't it? The things people chose to mock. And I think you are right, some of the same people that give him such a hard time would think he was just fabulous if he played for thier team!


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