Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Head In the (Funnel) Clouds

For the second night in a row I have dreamed of tornadoes.

The first night I was in some sort of office setting, and looked out the window to see 3 tornadoes heading toward the building where I was.  Which set me running to find a safe place at the center of the building to shelter.  As I sat on the floor in my dream with my hands over my head, I could see things flying around outside the building.  Swirling around us.  But I don't recall anyone being hurt or the building I was in being damaged by the storm

Last night, I was in some sort of wilderness town setting.  With a large "general store" type structure in the center.  As the storm started and the winds rose, everyone rushed into the cellar of this store to hide.  And I recall telling someone in this dream how it was strange to actually be in a tornado because I had just dreamed of tornadoes the night before - and proceeded to tell them about the first dream!

For someone recently commenting on this very blog about how she doesn't seem to remember much of her dreams anymore - the fact that I have dreamed of tornadoes two nights in a row AND remembered so much of the details seems somehow significant.

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  1. I don't like it when I have recurring or similar dreams and they are so vivid, it makes me thing, 'something is up'. Therefore, I think I know how you feel, a little freaked out.


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