Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Best of Tim McGraw

I giggled as I typed that title.  I can feel some of my country-music-hating friends cringing already.  And I know a few may not even bother to read this particular blog post.  I also know that some of my country-loving-friends may find themselves disappointed in what is about to follow. 

Let me start at the beginning...

It all started to unravel when The Man of the House and I were at Wally-world the other night.  As you go in there are always displays for movies, video games, and albums soon to be released.  This week there was a display for Tim McGraw's newest album. 

What caught the eye of The Man of the House was a certain quote on the display.  You know how albums, books, etc will often have a little blurb from a critic or another celebrity about the quality of the item in question.  This time the quote was :

"My best album ever!" - Tim McGraw

Wow.  Not best album yet.  Ever. 

This somehow quickly spiralled into a discussion of how one follows that declaration for subsequent albums.  What if the next release is, in fact, better than this one?  Or, how could it possibly be if this is the best EVER?  We came up with the following suggestions...

If the following album is actually even better:
"I was wrong"

"Even better than the best album ever"

"No, really.  This is the best album ever.  I mean it this time"

Of course, those weren't as fun to come up with.  So we spent more time on quotes for the lesser album which will follow the "best album ever":

"Not as good as the last one"


"I should have saved some of the other songs for this album"

"At least I'm still married to Faith Hill"

"It's an album"

Which should probably be accompanied with a hard learned lesson on critiquing your own work.  ; D


  1. This is hysterical. There is a PR person somewhere that needs to be fired.

  2. I can't wait to write a post titled "My Best Blog Ever!" LOL


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