Sunday, January 8, 2012

Little Cup Of Deliciousness

Oh - that creamy, chocolaty, deliciousness...

Thank goodness for sugar free Jello pudding cups!  Only 60 calories and 2 Weight Watchers points!  The perfect fix for a sudden chocolate craving.  It's like a little bit of happiness in a little plastic cup.

Once again - the chocolate beastie has been appeased and put to rest.

Now I find myself wondering...

What sort of fruits would make this treat even more blissful.  I'm imagining banana slices.  Or strawberries.  Or clementine segments.  Using the pudding as a sort of dip. 



  1. Please don't ruin perfectly good chocolate with oranges!

  2. How about adding the pudding to a fruit such as banana smoothie?

  3. @Nannette - now there's an interesting thought! :)

    @Kathy - LOL! Some of use actally LIKE oranges! How about I just promise not to tell you about it if I try it?


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