Monday, January 30, 2012

Lost And Found

I was just sitting here in the quiet, pondering my emails, when The Little Man walked into the room and announced "Oh, I found her!"   Then he walked out.

Was I lost? And didn't even know it?

Or was I hiding?  Part of some game of Hide & Seek I wasn't even aware I was participating in?

How long was I missing?  I honestly had only been in here about 3 minutes. Before that I was in the another room putting away laundry.

It makes me wonder how many other times I have been lost and had no clue.  Or who else might be wandering about looking for me. 

I'm also not sure if I should be pleased or concerned that I can hide so easily without even trying.  But it's nice to know someone was missing me. Even if I didn't know I was lost.

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