Monday, January 16, 2012

Today Was NOT A Good Day

We lost three of The Girls today.

Due to legal reasons, I can not say the neighbor's dog killed them, because I did not actually see her kill any chickens.  What I can tell you is this:

*At about 2:15 I gathered eggs and let The Girls out to free-roam for the afternoon.  I was excited because there were four eggs today.

*Around 3:45 I heard one of The Girls raising a fuss, so went out to check on them.  At that point I found one dead on the edge of the yard.  Next to the wooded lot between our house and the neighbor's house.  I also heard neighbor's dog running through the woods back toward her house.

*I walked up to the road, where I found a large quantity of white feathers along the edge of the wooded lot.

*Two of my chickens were laying - dead - in their yard.

*Two of my Dominiques were hiding in the bushes by the house terrified.  It took me, The Princess, and The Little Man a good while to get them back in the coop.  The remaining Americauna must have found herself a very good hidey hole.  I was convinced she was dead also, but she came home sometime later.

*While trying to get the two chickens I could find at the time into the coop.  I witnessed neighbor's dog chasing one of The Girls in my yard.

I am so sad.  And angry.  I did call Animal Enforcement.  They can't do anything legally because there were no witnesses to how the chickens were killed. 

And (in the immortal words of Forrest Gump) that's all I have to say about that.

R.I.P - Svetlana and Medusa.  They were my two best layers and they will be missed.  I'm still not sure if the deceased Dominique is Miss Muffett or Amelia.


  1. Oh dear, what a blow. I can only imagine how outraged you were/are!

  2. That is so sad! And so frustrating! :(

  3. That is awful! I'm so sorry :(

  4. Thanx ladies. It was a tough day.

  5. Animal problems-yep. we battle foxes, raccoons,weasels and dogs.
    For our garden-well, I will write a post on the hoards of veggie lovers that surround my garden


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