Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beginning to Feel Better

After I posted about losing The Girls last night, the neighbor that owns the dog came over to talk to The Man of the House.  He apologized several times.  He used to have chickens himself, so he understood how it feels to lose one or more. 

He paid us for the lost birds.  And is going to put in invisible fencing to keep his dog in the yard.  He even said if we wanted to try to call him when we were going to let them out to free roam for a while he will put her up in the house; because he knows once a dog has had the sport of getting a chicken it will keep coming back for more.  I suppose it was the best possible ending to a difficult situation. 

The Man of the House also spoke with our "chicken supplier" today, and we are going to be able to get 3 more birds of the same age at a reasonable cost.  I hope they are as fun to watch and lay as well as the ones we lost.

The last four eggs produced by the girls.

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