Thursday, October 4, 2012

30 Days of Activity: Day Three

Day three of my "30 Days of Activity" was... well, a day of no activity.

I just didn't feel it.

My jaw was sore from the tooth extraction of the day before.  My face thought this was the perfect day to break out into an allergic rash.  And I was just emotionally exhausted. 

So, no.  I didn't do any sort of activity.  And I refuse to beat myself up over it. 

Right now I am seriously considering doing a full rewind and starting this little challenge over. 

Do Over!!


  1. DO OVER!! DO OVER!!! DO OVER!!! That is me chanting for YOU it is perfectly fine to do over Beckey I pray you heal quickly :)) I had always said when I had to get a tooth pulled it was better once it was pulled then the pain before ugh tooth aches are the worst well right up there with ear aches they both hit right on that temple that is so unforgiving with its hurting us.
    Get better soon!!

    1. You are right. As sore as my jaw is still feeling, it it 1000% better than before! Thank you for the encouragement!


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