Saturday, October 27, 2012

What's To Do: Update

I am quickly finding that since I am watching the grand baby in the afternoons while his mother is in classes, I am not getting much done at all.  I have to hurry to get the day to day things not on these to-do lists done in the morning.  And I'm not doing so great at that either!  Yikes!!
  • Tape and compound new drywall to get ready for painting next weekend   Well, someone did it.  I'm not going to pretend it was me.  I helped a little. 
  • Take down pictures, clean and spackle other walls for painting  Yep.  And I just realized this morning I missed an entire wall.  What?
  • Work on Christmas present  My crochet focus this week as it turned out was helping with the grand baby's halloween costume. 
  • Walk 2 times   well.....   1 time.....
  • Pick up some mugs for new project  Nope. I looked at some mugs.  And decided a trip to the dollar store is in order.
  • Figure out where all the note pads for my To Do lists keep disappearing to!  NO clue.  None.  I think all my notepads are in cahoots to run off together.  Somewhere there is a happy little land full of my notepads. 


  1. haha my parents separately said the same thing to me today! they watch my 4 month old daughter on Thursdays, and I stopped over today to let my dogs romp with their pup, and for some baby snuggles. They each said to me "you know, when Viv is here, you really can't get anything done!" um yeah, Mom and Dad, that's why I haven't cleaned my bathroom in weeks :)
    I hope your to-do list gets done quicker than mine!

    1. There's a reason most people aren't having babies. This was much easier when I was 20 years younger! :0)

  2. Holy cow, that's some excellent progress! My notepads all disappear, too, so I wind up buying more. Then I'll clean and find a gazillion of them. Ah well.

    1. Thanks. The female offspring always teases me about buying so many notebooks. But you can never have too many in my opinion. Especially since I know I'm going to misplace half of them! LOL


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