Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

The man of the house recently took me to the shooting range and taught me how to load and shoot his gun.  This was only the second time I've ever held or fired a real gun.  (Although history has shown us that I'm pretty good at shooting if it involves tokens and/or tickets).

So, you might be asking - how did I do?

If you ignore the few random shots that hit completely outside the target area and into the borders, I think I did pretty well. 

That's right.  A bulls eye!  WoooooHooo!!

The lesson of this story?  If a big bad meanie were to break into the house and I were forced to defend myself with a fire arm - I could definitely cause some hurt!! 


  1. I'm just a little bit scared of you now...

  2. Way to go Beckey!!! some of mine and the hubs best bonding times have been at the shooting range. It really gets a girl excited to know we can hit a bullseye!!!

    1. It was a very empowering feeling!


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