Monday, October 8, 2012

41 Reasons

Happy Birthday to the Man of the House!!  In honor of him and to celebrate this special day, I would like to share 41 reasons I love him so very much!

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  1. He's an awesome father.
  2. He's an even awesome-er grandfather
  3. He's handsome
  4. He makes me laugh
  5. He still makes me feel weak in the knees
  6. He has a strong work ethic
  7. He's very handy around the house.  There are very few things he can't figure out how to fix!
  8. He's creative.  Just look at the chicken house, the mailbox post, and the closet he built!
  9. He laughs with me (not at me) when I'm laughing at myself
  10. He knows just the right thing to say to make me feel pretty
  11. He's supportive.  Even when I have one of my half brained ideas.
  12. It's inspiring to me (and hopefully the offspring also) to see him growing in his walk with Christ.
  13. He's patient
  14. He can wood smoke a brisket, a chicken, or a pizza like nobody else!
  15. He's willing to give a hand cleaning, doing dishes, etc
  16. He likes to read
  17. He is a strong spiritual, emotional, and physical leader for our family
  18. His love for genealogy
  19. His obsession with enjoyment of pizza
  20. His reluctant willingness to watch the Twilight movies with me
  21. He taught me to love football!
  22. He taught me how to shoot a handgun!
  23. He's nice to my sisters
  24. And my parents
  25. He's a great uncle
  26. He makes a deliciously mean breakfast sandwich
  27. His enjoyment of cheesey Asian monster and kung fu films
  28. He likes to watch obscure documentaries on Netflix
  29. He puts up with my habit of watching TV reruns (currently The Big Bang Theory), even when we've seen the same episode a dozen times
  30. When he scratches my back or brushes my hair
  31. When it's raining and he offers to drop me off at the door of the store
  32. He doesn't complain when I rearrange the furniture (again)
  33. Or when I have the light because I'm reading until late while he's trying to sleep
  34. He encourages my creative side - whether it's my writing or my etsy shop
  35. He makes me feel safe
  36. He makes me feel sexy
  37. He holds my hand while we pray at church and Bible study
  38. When he winks at me with both eyes
  39. He puts up with me and my moods
  40. When he comes up behind me and hugs me while I'm washing dishes or cooking
  41. He make me feel loved!


  1. Awww!! I love this list!!!! Happy birthday man of the house!

  2. Love this! All great things, but my favorite is the breakfast sandwiches since I am a lover of all things breakfast.

  3. Aww! That's so sweet! Looks like you've got lots of reasons to appreciate your man!

  4. This is the sweetest thing ever!!! #29 made me laugh out loud. That happens in our house too... hehehee.


    1. HA!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

  5. Those are great 41 reasons you gave and Happy Birthday Beckey's fella!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your main squeeze :)

  7. the two shall become one in spirit. It is wonderful how husband and wife can be complete opposites like my husband and me but we are always on the same stage in our spiritual journey and have the grace and insight to support ecah other

  8. What a sweet post! Fabulous idea! Found you on Bloggy Moms. :O)


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