Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting It Done

To Do List for September 24 - 28
  • Give dining room a thorough cleaning
  • Write
  • Finish book before it is due Tuesday!
  • Work on Queen B's Busy Work custom order
  • Get more new items up on Queen B's Busy Work
  • Go to Man of the House's softball game
  • Attend Women's Bible Study
  • Attend James McDonald Vertical Church Tour
  • Give myself a manicure
  • Organize something (anything!) in craft area
  • Organize coupons


  1. Sounds like a busy week. I am finding in my craft area that I am tackling one small piece at a time and organzing it. It makes it less chaotic. The supplies seem to breed when my back is turned (ha ha..).

    1. That's what I'm having to do. Thinking of all of it as a whole just intimidates me!
      YES! They do breed! Of course, if I stayed out of Michael's for a while, it would probably help the situation. ;0)


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