Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seven Days Without Coffee: Gets Ugly

I am a little on edge.  A tad testy.  Easily annoyed.  A tiny bit moody.  A wee temperamental.  I am also reaching an all time excellence in understatements.

Day five.  I think I am bordering on evil.  As in a "wicked witch of the west" level.  Anything might set my blood boiling.  Someone mentioning the chocolate bundt cake I promised to bake for dessert and had not yet started.  The dirty dishes in the sink.  The dog loudly licking of his personal areas.  Like I said... anything.

I fear there may be a few chips in the dishes from where I was banging them around earlier because... well, because... well, I'm sure I had a good reason at the time! Or maybe not. Maybe it was just my caffeine deprived demon taking over.  

I fully realize some of this internal emotional stewing could be hormonal.  There's another lesson learned. 

Lesson Three: Carefully consider the timing of your seven days without coffee.  Make sure they do not at some point overlap with your PMS days.  The two can create a very unstable combination.

I can almost feel the man of the house thinking about sitting on me and pouring coffee down my throat.  And to be perfectly honest with you - I probably wouldn't protest a whole lot.

Two more days... Two more days... two more days...

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  1. I think I could last about 7 hours without coffee. Your will is much stronger than mine!

  2. Oh dear...Caffeine sure does wrap us in a blanket of nice, doesn't it? Food/beverage withdrawals are just nasty. I'm still adjusting to not eating wheat (gluten), it certainly has an effect on tract. You know...that sudden decrease in fiber. Yeah. So...anyhoo...since I'm reading these backwards I already know that you are doing awesome on your quest. I admire you for tackling this!


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