Friday, September 21, 2012

Seven Days Without Coffee: Dazed and Confused

Day Three.  And my brain is just not functioning like it should. (stop snickering!  This is potentially serious stuff here!)

Today the man of the house sent me an email and mentioned that when we went to the store he wanted to get a "bball net".  I'm wondering what sort of baseball net he could mean. (to my credit he is playing fall softball right now)  It took about 5 emails back and forth before he clarified a "basketball net" before I realized he meant a net for the basketball goal!  Yes, I felt silly.

I tried to do the very simple task of making some hair bows for Queen B's Busy Work today.  I couldn't even seem to focus and manage that this afternoon. 

Last night, the female offspring and I were about half way to church for The Gathering before we realized I had left the tickets on the front of the fridge.   After coming back home to get them, we got all the way to church before realizing I had also left the bag of items to donate to the women's homeless shelter!

If you only knew how many times I have had to hit the backspace button in the course of writing this! (twice in that last sentence alone!)  I'm not a great speller on the best of days, but today my fingers do not want to obey and are just typing letters at random. 

And I think I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.

I was going to say something else, but it's slipped my mind...

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  1. I'm going to go out for a warm Italian Dark Roast at Starbucks. Would you like me to pick one up for you?

    1. *sticking fingers in my ears* lalalalala... What? Can't hear you! ;0)

  2. Try some Tazo Awake Tea! It is pretty robust if you want a bold tea with a caffeine kick. Of course, that's coming from a girl who hates coffee...

    1. HA!! That's exactly what I picked up! Great minds...


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