Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Week I Will

I forget.  After a summer with little written on the calendar, once school starts the little squares begin to quickly fill.  School events, guitar lessons, softball games, bible studies.  Things are gearing back up and life is getting busier.

To Do List for September 10 - 15:
  • Do some organizing in craft area!  (no, for really reals this time!)
  • Work on items for Queen B's Busy Work
  • Finish and return overdue library book
  • Do some more purging in bedroom
  • Freezer cooking of gumbo and chili
  • Attend Little Man's open house
  • Attend Man of the House's first softball game of the season
  • Walk at least 2 days
  • Write
  • Start working on first Christmas present


  1. Wow! Already working on a Christmas present? Impressive!

    1. It might take me that long just to finish this one thing. :0)


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