Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday: September 13

Another week has come, and is just about gone!  It's nice to take a few minutes and just soak up all the goodness which has been heaped upon me again this week. 

This Week I Am Thankful For:
  • Cooler Weather:  I haven't run the air conditioner all week!  The days have been comfortable and the nights are bordering on chilly.  Fall is in the air and I am loving every minute!
  • Fall Softball Season:  The Man of the House is a happy fellow when he's playing softball a few nights a week.  And seeing the Man of the House happy makes me happy!
  • Homemade Pies:  The female offspring has been in a baking mood recently.  And we are reaping the rewards of her efforts - such as apple pie and peach cobbler.  Yum!

What are you thankful for?  Please share in the comments section.  OR - even better: write your own "Thankful Thursday" post and share the link in the comments.  And I would be very thankful if you also included a mention and a link back to this blog somewhere in your post.  <<-- and that boys and girls is what we call a shameless plug! ;0)


  1. The weather is still bordering in the high 90's during the day but nights up in our lil foothills are chilly. Oh yum pies !!! have a great weekend :]

    1. High 90s still? Ugh! Hope you get a break soon! Hope you have a great weekend also!

  2. Yes!! Cooler weather. I LOVE fall. And pies. And crock pot meals. And happiness. :)

    1. Oh yes!! Crockpot meals! I'm sure that will make it onto the Thankful Thursday list at some point soon. :)


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