Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moments in Time: July 15 - 21

Sunday July 15: Strawberry - Walnut Summer Salad! YUM!!

Monday July 16: Toasted tomato and goat cheese sandwich.

Tuesday July 17:  The grandbaby takes a "big boy" bath!

Wednesday July 18:  The Princess wanted a chocolate cake with pink frosting and a batman symbol. 
That's what she got!

Thursday July 19:  Bounty from my garden and the girls!

Friday July 20:  The pears are just about ready


  1. Such lovely pictures of your week. Your grand baby is darling! What great bounty you have from your garden . I got one tomato so far!

    1. Thank you. The bounty just hit all of a sudden! We had a couple of random tomatoes. Then all at once all the green ones started turning red!

  2. That is a yummy looking salad and what a great shot of the grandbaby yes big boy and so very cute! Yay for you and the bounty.

    1. Thanks! I think that may be the last of the cucumbers. Something is eating the vines.


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