Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jumping Into July

July is here.  And baby, it's HOT outside!  Which leaves plenty of time for inside activities and making lists of things I want to get accomplished.  Along that line of thought, let me share with you my

Goals for July:

  1. Get out on to the back deck in the mornings to enjoy some coffee, reading, and fresh air - before the day gets too hot.
  2. Take at least one hour of time for myself each week.  Give myself a pedi, take a bubble bath, etc.
  3. Continue feeding the family healthier, less processed foods.
  4. Start creating a list of back to school/autumn type items for Queen B's Busy Work
  5. Complete "About" page for Queen B's Busy Work
  6. Do some writing. Not blog stuff - fiction or poetry.
  7. Make time for a Date Night with the man of the house.  (or even better - an entire date day!)
  8. Start some canning and/or freezing!
  9. Take at least one photograph per day.
  10. Get back on track with household chores.


  1. all achievable goals indeed!


  2. Oh, I love meeting a fellow goal setter! Good luck on meeting these, all wonderful goals.

    I have a standing weekly date with my hubby, which only came about after some serious priority changes. This is a must for marriage, regular time together having fun! Set it up and guard it! You can do it.

    1. Thank you! The man of the house and I make sure to get date nights together, but it's usually more a matter of "hey, we haven't gone out in a while - let's do something" LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Denise! and Thank You for the idea!!

  4. Lists are good. I often use them when I find myself losing focus and productivity. I couldn't live without them at work! Hmmm...maybe it's time I made my own list for home and me. :D

    1. I am completely lost without my lists! It's the only thing that keeps me on track. Lists - and a timer. Otherwise I'll get lost in details and spend all day on one thing.


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