Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today was Today

Some days just feel like they need a long string of curse words.  The Big Ones.  Even the queen mother of all curse words.  (you know the one I mean, I'm not gonna spell it out for you).  It may not even be that anything terrible has happened.  Or even that you're in a particularly bad mood or anything.  Some days just have that sort of a feeling to them.

Today was absolutely one of those days.  After not sleeping most of the night, I had to force myself to get out of be and go in search of a caffeine IV this morning.  Failing to find that particular delivery method, I settled for a cup of coffee.  The coffee didn't seem to help much. I still felt out of sorts and  discombobulated.  That sort of unsettled feeling lasted most of the day.

It was the sort of day to find a nice comfy hidey-hole and spend the day with a good book and a pitcher of iced tea.  (or margaritas, if you prefer)

A day to put on some music and soak in a bubble bath until the water turns cold and your toes are all pruney.

The sort of day to lose yourself in a box of chocolates.  Or a bag of cookies.

Some days just feel like "forget everything else and be nice to yourself" kind of days.  Or something like that. 

Today should have been one of those days.  Unfortunately, today was today.  And the To-Do list was a mile long. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll be nice to myself. 

What are ways you find to be nice to yourself?


  1. hoping tomorrow is a better one! When I would have bad days like this, especially on top of a sleepless night, I would give myself permission to eat a bit more snacks to help get through the day. Let's hope you get a better night sleep tonight!


    1. It wasn't really a "bad" day. Just an out of sorts day. More sleep would absolutely help!

  2. Hang in there tomorrow will be a better day and you will forget about today sending you happy thoughts :]

    1. I slept better last night, so today has to be better! It was just a not enough sleep, everything catching up you kind of day yesterday.

  3. When I'm like that, I tell my family to pretend they're not home. I turn off the TV, turn on the classical music and unwind with a nice drink and peaceful thoughts.

  4. I hate days like that....
    when I have days like that I either try to buy myself something pretty or find some alone time


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