Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: July 12

If I had to write this yesterday, it would have been a challenge.  Yesterday was one of those stressful, overwhelmed, feeling in-over-my-head kind of days.  Fortunately, today seems to have dawned clearer and calmer.  And I can see the blessings before me:

A Patient and Supportive Husband! While I was at my wit's end yesterday, he was my rock!  He was my calm in the storm.  And he even made a run to the store at 9pm to pick up more printer ink for me.

A Break in the Heat Wave After way too many days of near 100 degree temperatures, we are finally enjoying a break to the heat and a little rain for the veggie plants!

Two Orders for Queen B's Busy Work This past week brought two custom orders for Queen B's Busy Work!


  1. Praise God for small blessings that become BIG blessings! I was blessed with a good husband yesterday as well he made dinner :)) which allowed me to catch the Wednesday Bible study which allowed me to have a heaping load of faith to face life's challenges. So hang in there sister it will just keep getting better with more things to write about to be thankful oh here we go I just thought of another YOU!! I am thankful for YOU today blessings runneth over for YOU!!

  2. See! Your day got better. And btw, great crafts!

  3. glad today was a great day and glad to hear the heat broke a bit!


    1. The rain and slightly cooler temperatures have been a welcome change!


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